Love and hate are two sides of one coin. Who knows what will come when you flip it. I have seen love turning into hatred and hatred turning into true love. One who accepts you regardless of your imperfections is your one and only true love. It’s not so easy to find your your perfect match your life partner who understands you inside out, who makes you complete who keeps you happy and positive like “MEANT FOR EACH OTHER”. Don’t worry I’m not giving you love tips or anything it’s just that sometimes I realize that how incredibly lucky I am to find my perfect match; that I’m so happy. This feeling is ineffable.

The feeling of being in love. The feeling of yearning to see someone. The feeling of being satisfied; at the same time it’s complicated and painful. But everything has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. It depends on you what you choose. You just have to see what’s more in your bag GOOD OR BAD? So if it is more harmful then you just have to kick it out of your life but if it’s less harmful then you have to figure out a way to deal with it. I was lucky enough to find mine.

Thank you father for giving me such a wonderful life and this is the result of your blessings only that I’m happy. I’m not trying to jinx it; I hope I don’t but I know that you are always watching us from far away. I also know that you are always with me. You have done so much for all of us and maybe you are still doing it by giving your blessings. We love you.


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