Feeling weak 😞

It’s been quite a few days since I have visited my blog. I have been busy taking medicines and playing ASPHALT 8 AIRBORNE this is very addictive. It’s beyond amazing. Great graphical details and kick ass soundtracks. Now regarding my medicine taking term I had a blood test 2 weeks back and found that I lack of Vitamin D; It’s lower than 20%. I’m stilling freaked out about it don’t know what to do. I have been very depressed since then. I have been told to avoid long siting or using computer until I get better because it can be lethal. I have been taking daily medicines and injections properly like a good girl. I wanna recover soon everyone loves themselves so do I. I’m getting married next year February so I need to be prepared for all the responsibilities mentally and physically otherwise I don’t want to go there because in condition I can’t. Β If I’m not physically fit then I’ll be bothering other people and definitely I don’t want that. I know I won’t be happy like this.

I didn’t ask for this I didn’t know that this will happen. What do you expect from a person who’s locked up in a cage like environment 365 days. I don’t go out no sun exposure. I don’t have any friends how pathetic it could get? I’m sick of all this I want my freedom. Who should be blamed? I guess the answer is “ME”.

I mean whatever happens in our life we are the only ones responsible for it. While I was in Bangalore I didn’t care for my health I ignored the signs. I worked in college and at home, I skipped my meals, I exhausted myself to the extent of fainting still didn’t reconsidered my mother’s warning. She always used to shout on phone calls regarding my health. She told me millions of times to eat regularly, to eat properly but I just ignored everything. Things aren’t invincible. They are bound to break someday. My body became weaker day by day and now my bones don’t absorb calcium or vitamins or anything. Doctor said that it doesn’t matter how much you eat if your body isn’t absorbing it; it’s all waste. My mom is doing everything in her power to make me better. I take my pills and food properly. I hope I recover faster than I expect. My back hurts, it pains while sleeping and sitting. I hate this I just wanna get well ASAP.

Please god please listen to me do your magic and cure me. I beg you.


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