Sweet dreams

Chiis minaa✌️well that’s Japanese and it means hi everyone in English. I have been learning Japanese language by watching anime so I understand small small words and then i join those words to make a complete sentence to understand. I guess as I have mentioned before that I love watching Anime and I’m a huge fan of Anime world. Japanese culture, their traditions are quite fascinating to me I try to learn their language and imitate their accent when I’m all alone. Sometimes I actually prefer speaking Japanese words when I’m angry or happy or excited. I speak to myself in my head I say those words. I known it sounds insane and strange but what to do that’s who I am😊. In Japan they have a very wide Animation industry/market. Animation industry is so developed every where nowadays especially in Japan. I’m not saying that it isn’t in India; it is still developing so let’s hope for the best.

Anime industry is so popular all over the world. They do such amazing works. I have watched plenty of Anime that have inspired me. They create brilliant stories and awesome lovable characters. They have made a very strong impact on me and my personality. I still remember watching CARDCAPTOR SAKURA. I was mesmerized by it. It was my first Anime. I still remember it’s starting and ending song in Hindi because here it used to come in Hindi. At that moment I decided to be in this field, to make my career out of it, to be an artist so like me I can also inspire somebody else. In the beginning I didn’t known “A” of Animation I got to know about it later on when I started college. Since childhood I have been watching Disney’s princess movies, cartoons and Anime so I have been kinda living in my fairy tale land though it wasn’t my fault I was a kid but now I don’t I know life’s cruel truth.

I guess I always knew what I wanted. I’m not into 3D Animation I like 2D Animation; Anime style😉. I do proper research on voice actors and casts before downloading any Anime. I have lots of favorite voice actors Mamaro Miyano is top on my list; He was the first one as well in the process of knowing about it. He is super good looking and HOT.

I have heaps of reasons why I want to work in this Animation field, why I choose this as my dream, what encouraged or inspired me that’s why I don’t wanna tell all of them for now I think this is enough. I will tell about my dreams more later but I’m sure that I will achieve my dreams one day sooner or later so no worries. I will keep working hard towards my goal.


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