Everything seems boring

It’s been long so HI people. Frankly I don’t know what should I write. My birthday was on 5th December. I enjoyed it. I was happy, went to temple and had my favorite food items; mom cooked it. At the end of the day she was exhausted. My mom and I have a very unique equation with each other. We fight a lot and then unconsciously we make up; like nothing happened it’s all cool. My mother is very sweet and innocent.

Honestly I’m sorta blank just can’t find the right words to put. These past few days lots of stuff happened but I don’t feel writing about it maybe not good enough. I haven’t been watching Animes since i got sick. I have read a loooooooooot of Yaois. Days are going boring but okay. For marriage only two months are left. It’s very cold over here almost freezing. These days I feel like I’m in no mood to do anything. I have been regular to google+ all Anime related talk. I saw pictures of Tokyo metero, cosplay dresses, crowded Tokyo city and Sakura tree; it was so beautiful and painful at the same time. I wish I could go there in just one jump. I want to live in my fairy tale world (Anime world). I guess I’m not a social person even though I want to and try to be active whether on social networking sites or meeting people in person I find it bothersome. I don’t have friends not a single one but I believe that whatever happens it happens for good.

That’s it now I’m getting bored back to my Yaoi.


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