Confused and clueless

People change easily. Their surroundings even their relationships. When you are in need; when you are  alone or in pain do you find anyone supporting your back wiping your tears? A warm hand comforting you and saying in a gentle soft voice “DON’T WORRY EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE FINE. JUST HANG IN THERE BE BRAVE.”

Change is the essential part of life and Pain is the cruelest form of life. I fear change the most. It is inevitable. Sometimes it’s for good and sometimes it’s bad. It depends. I don’t want things to change. It is so weird how things change so fast.

We as humans are never satisfied with what we have at present. We always desire more. My mother always says that “YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY IN WHATEVER YOU HAVE AND SHOULD NOT BE GREEDY” but I don’t agree with her I think it’s good to desire more after all who knows when will we get this opportunity or this human life again so we should live to it’s fullest. But am I living to it’s fullest? Am I happy? Maybe not. Our choices define us. Our mistakes makes us who we are today. You should make mistakes because only then you will realize that it was a mistake and you learn from them.

People often contradict themselves. For me it’s impossible to understand a person completely. Sometimes I find myself wondering how my life would have been if father was alive? At times I’m very short tempered and loud for no reason. Don’t know when will I get to do what I really want to do. I know none of this make sense nothing is in sync. I’m going on and on randomly but I just….

Anyway later.


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