Happy and sad

I thought a lot about my blog. It’s very plain and simple, not attractive at all. It should be appealing in order to get visitors and It’s my responsibility to post something interesting on a regular basis but I think it’s for me, my blog and it’s sole purpose is to serve me. I mean I created this blog just to write my feelings without considering the visitor factor. I would definitely feel great if someone visit and read but if no one is reading then also it’s fine.

I have finished watching IWATOBI SWIM CLUB SEASON 2. It is one of my most favorite and awesome Animes I have seen so far. I think season 2 is better than season 01. The animation was outstanding, marvelous now even I feel like learning. I don’t know what but when I saw the water in the Anime and their swimming I experienced a very strange sensation going through my spine from head to toe. I definitely felt calm and relaxed but don’t know why it happened. Overall I was happy though I cried. I tried to hold it in but at the end tears rolled down my cheek😢.

Dreams are everything to most of us. It’s my opinion. We set a goal or aim in our lives that we must achieve. In order to achieve that goal we must accomplish thousands of tasks and climb up hundreds of stairs but all this hard work, effort is ultimately to fulfill that one DREAM. The feeling when you fulfill your dreams, that happiness, that satisfaction is something that cannot be measured or bought by anything. I don’t have a true friend that’s why I have always wished for just one true friend but I can live without that it’s not my dream I do feel bad I often think that why don’t I have any good friend? Why am I in this situation? Why is it me? Am I that bad? When will I have what I truly want? I cannot get to the conclusion. The only thing that’s keeping me sane and alive is my hope and of course my Anime.

My love for Anime is something that connects me to a virtual world; it’s something that’s missing in reality. I know this is all stupid or maybe it’s the same for other Anime lovers as well but  when I watch Animes I become more confident and strong towards my DREAM.

We are surrounded by tons of responsibility and expectation of our parents or relatives. Sometimes in the process of fulfilling our duties we often get distracted from our path. There’s is so much competition now a days. If you want to succeed you have to work hard and put all of your strength, effort into it. I’m afraid of being left behind. People say you have to do certain amount of hard work, practice only then you will become a professional but I don’t feel like doing all those things now. I also know that this world won’t work on my whims but what’s the point of doing something when you are in no mood to do it.

Sigh …I have talked a lot today. It’s enough now.


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