First let’s start with the very obvious thing “HAPPY NEW YEAR” ok now I’m getting bored by saying this to everyone god knows how many times I have repeated the same sentence. May this year bring lots of love, peace, happiness, success to me and to the whole world. Hehe… 😁

Well honestly I have been really depressed and lonely past couple of months. Everyone is busy in their own lives so technically there’s no one with whom I can share my problems. I’m the MOST jobless person on this entire planet right now. I mean I don’t feel like doing anything other than watching Anime that’s why I’m so frustrated, cranky and angry at everything; with everyone.

I’m a very private person maybe that’s why it’s so damn hard for me to open up completely but it’s not like it’s my fault. What do you expect from a person whose been held in a room or a house for years? I don’t have friends. I have never gone out and spent some quality times with people. I want to breathe in fresh air. I don’t wanna feel like a prisoner; I want my freedom. Who am I kidding? It’s definitely impossible while I’m here. No matter what I say mother will always have some excuse for not taking me anywhere.

Yesterday fortunately I spent my last day of 2014 watching the best thing. Guess what… I watched FREE IWATOBI SWIM CLUB SEASON 2 KYAAAA…. Ya that’s right I was screaming and drooling over them. I was so happy and excited that I got to see those masculine, hot boys once again. You won’t believe at one point it really became difficult for me breathe. I just totally lost all my senses. My poor little heart couldn’t take that much hotness OMG even while writing about it I’m going crazy imagining everything.😅

So yeah that the only good thing happened and today as well I’m going to continue the ceremony of going crazy over my IWATOBI SWIM CLUB😍😤. I won’t let anything or anybody ruin my mood/day from now onwards. I have decided to find my happiness in my own unique way. I won’t let anything affect me. Whenever I allow people to cross the line I always end up getting hurt it’s not their fault but I hate my tears and when I cry I also start hating the people who are responsible for it. So I’ll just have to deal with my problems on my own and everything will be fine.


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